Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the economist going downhill

Obamaworld versus Hillaryland

Oh Economist, how are you wrong? Let me count the ways...
  • I drink wine
  • I'm a liberal, young (well relatively) professional
  • I eat sushi
  • I am intensely worried about America's past sins and its woeful image in the world
  • I'm a latte drinking elitist
I voted for Clinton. And I know several others who fit that list (but not necessarily the characteristic i'm sure your mind is going to, dear reader, that i'm female) who did as well! Seriously, who writes this junk? Why is it ok for the media to make a bunch of so-obvious -they're-wrong generalizations, throw them out there, and call it reporting?


  1. I gave up on the Economist several years ago, when they gave George Bush II a pass on his mendacity, and recommended him for a second term to boot!

  2. and neha i'd add that you don't fit the stereotype, but that doesn't mean the stereotype is off.. i'd say most people in the bay area that fit that stereotype are obama supporters. i can't think of many that fit it and are not obama supporters.

  3. i can! everyone i know from imsa/college/medical school. that article is irritating. i like beer AND sushi....

  4. omar, i think we tend to suffer from a condition where we look at all our friends, and say "this is what the world is like." well, it's not! just cause in some social circles liking obama is linked with drinking wine does not mean this article is in any way a valuable piece of information to add to the world. blech.

  5. every obama supporter would like to be drinking wine... with barack obama!

    you we can!


  6. you we can, omar? :)

    In fairness to The Economist, the article was published in the Lexington section, which tends to be a little more "op-ed" than its other sections (similar to its Bagehot section).

    I still totally agree with your point, though.

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