Thursday, September 27, 2007

unbox = awesome

I'm sure you've heard by now that NBC has pulled out of itunes and will be selling their shows for download on Amazon unbox instead. This is absolutely awesome for me. I used to buy episodes of The Office on itunes when I missed it, and it was a pretty crappy experience. I don't know if it's my laptop or what, but itunes is a behemoth on windows. It takes full MINUTES from the time I try to open it to when it actually opens the application, I can't even play music with firefox running or it will skip, and it hogs all of my CPU.

Trying to watch video was almost unbearable, I only put up with it because I had to know what happens with Pam and Jim. I couldn't get the downloaded files to play in VLC (best video player in the world), and it was multiple clicks in itunes to get the shows to be full screen. All around miserable.

But unbox! Unbox is awesome! I hooked up my Tivo to my Amazon unbox account, and now I can download shows straight to my Tivo! All I have to do is enter my pin and boom, there's The Office on my Tivo! Ready for watching on my TV! With all of the wonderful features my Tivo offers. Also, I can still download it on to my computer if I want (it's included in the purchase). I am definitely using this until my dual tuner Tivo comes through (the office conflicts with grey's anatomy. Unfortunately, grey's anatomy wins because of the high drama factor).

If anyone has any tips on making itunes more usable, let me know.

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