Friday, February 2, 2007


The list of my favorite publications (daily, weekly, or monthly) in order:

1. The Wall Street Journal
2. The New Yorker
3. The New York Times
4. Entertainment Weekly


  1. no picture! you should always take a pic with your cell phone and include it! i expected to see a stack of magazines, with the wsj on top of them all, and the wsj eating the new york times.

    entertainment weekly is great! i thought it would be dumb, but the writing is pretty smart and funny.

  2. hurrah for entertainment weekly! so glad you finally gave in and got it.

    and i'm with omar. this needed a picture. disappointed me there wasn't one. so sad.

  3. did you guys not see the tagline? diatribes AND pictures. one post without a picture ain't bad. i could make something up about the power of text but i'll refrain.