Tuesday, July 12, 2011


MemSQL Raises $2.1 Million, from Techcrunch: http://t.co/AlaVV0b

But just what is it about this young startup that has investors fired up? MemSQL is a scalable in-memory database that, according to co-founder and CEO Eric Frenkiel, is up to 30-times faster than relational databases on disk.

I'm a bit confused about this company -- it's nice to see people focusing on solving the scalability issue for those who choose to stick with SQL, but getting a 30x performance over disk-based solutions with an in-memory solution is laughable.  Was something lost in the interview?


  1. Doesn't that totally depend on the query and the transaction semantics? If you're CPU-bound, it doesn't matter if you're in-memory or on-disk.

  2. @Chriss: I guess that on average one would still expect better speedup than 30x. Let alone the fact that they probably advertise their best case scenario.

    @Neha: I think VCs have no clue about that, nor TC journalists... :)