Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy with Cuteness

Something is wrong with me today.

Also, yesterday my mom and dad were fasting for Karva Chauth. Only the woman is supposed to fast, for the well being of her husband, but whatever. My dad was doing it out of solidarity. In the afternoon we had the following chat conversation:

dad: u have no concern for your starving parents!!!!!!!!!
3:58 PM me: what
of course i do
how are you
4:01 PM hello did you faint
how are you
4:05 PM dad: We just did puja and had cup of tea since 5am.No water,food till 8.30pm.
what time moon is visible?
me: i don't know
you'll have to go outside and look
4:08 PM dad: It is visible around 8.30pm.
4:13 PM dad: guinea pig?
me: piggy pig

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