Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chef Neha

Awesome Indian food I made with Becca, Nikhil, and Zoe. We made Paneer Makhni, Delicious Spicy Chickpeas, and Raita. A feast! Indian food is so hard! I had no idea! You have to buy and measure about a million spices. My mom makes it look so easy.

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  1. that's why you buy those spice mixes! they make life easier.

    but they also taste very generic so it's nice to use those and supplement them with more of other spices that you like.

    yummy. i want some indian food

  2. Hello chef neha,

    The food photos look so yummy!!! But what do you mean you cooked with Zoe? That is the dog, right? So this is actually paneer with dog? I thought only chinese people did that...

  3. Yes Niniane. It's also paneer with Nikhil and Becca. The Nikhil was a bit chewy but the Becca turned out great.

  4. You know, a white girl wouldn't get away with that! (Niniane)


    I love the photos of your food, Neha. Yumm-o! (I'm East Indian-American). You made chick peas, but what is that other curry?

    By the way, Omar, I would never put ready made mixed spices. That's how you screw it up, atleast for real good Indian food. Otherwise, all those Indian moms wouldn't be slaving away in the kitchen after work.

    To make the yogurt side dish, you can buy Kefir or Greek Yogurt and mix in your ingredients. Makes for a great salad dressing, as well.

    Those photos look SO delicious. I'm missing my mom's home-cooked Indian food! I've been on a detox/vegan/raw food diet, and I'm DYING! But time will heal all drools.

  5. @Lily your detox diet sounds hard! The other curry (good eye) is a chicken curry Nikhil made from a mix of some sort. It was good too. We actually did make the raita from greek yogurt, which made is sort of thick and creamy.