Monday, November 17, 2008

screaming girls and their mothers

This is hilarious. I love it when the new york times is forced to report on stuff like Twilight and High School Musical. They get so confused.

Back on the stage at the King of Prussia Mall, Mr. Pattinson continued to stand awkwardly but, somehow, fantastically beautifully at the same time. A local radio D.J. fed him written questions from the audience, but his answers were buried by screaming.

“Do you guys care about the questions, or do you just want to talk about nothing?” Mr. Pattinson asked.

A young woman in a shirt emblazoned with the Cullen family crest spoke for many: “We just want to look at you.”

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  1. LMAO, haha
    Where did you find this? It's funny how people go crazy with Pattinson. Geez, these people should get a life of their own.