Friday, May 16, 2008

rejoining the real world

I did it. I finished my first semester of graduate school.

Kind of momentous, since it's been, oh, many years since I last took a class (I think I have reached a place in my life where I'm actually embarrassed to admit how long I have been out of school. sigh. ok fine 5 years! i'm old!).

It's been insane -- rushes of adrenaline two minutes before a midnight OSDI deadline, furiously fixing typos; reading 24 papers in one weekend before a networking test (oh wait, i meant, "re-reading". right). I had a lot of things due around the same time which was really stressful, but since 3:30 PM yesterday I've been free. Blissfully free. I haven't felt this light in a long, long time.

I think I'm going to miss being here this summer, which I didn't really expect. Last night I strolled through Cambridge on my way back to Porter Square and saw evidence of spring everywhere, it was beautiful and heady. I missed the seasons.

I feel like the world is open before me right now. I could study anything, do anything. It's pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to my sister visiting this weekend; we're going to a Red Sox game (my first time at Fenway -- I had to lay down the law and tell her she couldn't wear a cubs shirt, I don't want to incite the rabid fans); we'll do lots of shopping and girly stuff, I think it'll be nice. I can say good bye to Boston and then furiously pack up all my stuff, fly to SF, furiously unpack/repack, and then leave for New Zealand the next day. I'm ready for lots of touring and hiking and wine drinking.

And a nice, relaxing summer at work. Cause after MIT, the working world will be a piece of cake.


  1. I am so happy that you and Beantown have become good friends. :) Fenway Park is about as good as summer gets in Boston, so enjoy it fully! And congrats on finishing up a semester of school!!!! (And 5 years doesn't COMPARE to 9!!)

  2. you have done such great work at mit.. good stuff! the question is... what will you do next?

    and i'm looking forward to wine too! nz sauv blanc we're going to drink the whole supply!