Sunday, April 13, 2008

trying to make a home in boston

Latte art at cafe l'aroma and the sunday times. The weather is really picking up and i'm starting to love my neighborhood. People are awakening.


  1. Oooh, I want to go there! We should do brunch!

  2. yeah! cafe l'aroma is more of a coffee shop, but there are lots of cute places around here. maybe next weekend?

  3. A few great things to do in the Boston area in spring:
    1. Visit the DeCordova Museum. It's an outdoor sculpture museum on a really beautiful stretch of rolling land in Lincoln. It's magical, and if you go in the next few weeks, you should see all kinds of plants coming to life as you dawdle from the Trojan Rooster to the one-story-tall pair of hearts to the flying carpet out back. (Make sure you find each of those sculptures!)
    2. Get a sandwich from Darwin's (the original location, on Mt. Auburn St. outside of Harvard Sq, rather than the one in Inman, and sit by the river under a flowering fruit tree and wile the day away.
    3. Take a picnic to the Arboretum. It is particularly stunning when the Japanese and star magnolias are blooming, in early spring. Also amazing is lilac season.
    4. Walk down Brattle St. Start in Harvard Sq. and head all the way out to Mt. Auburn Cemetery. The walk along Brattle St. may be the prettiest stroll down a road you've taken, and the cemetery is the most beautiful I've ever seen. (Special side note: on your left as you head down Brattle in that direction, there will be a house that has a front yard and porch full of sculpture. It is well worth sticking your nose in the yard and looking around; look carefully, as there are many tiny details that you don't see right away. It's probably a mile outside of Harvard Sq.)
    5. Loll about in the Public Garden. It is glorious in spring, and at the end of the day, as the swan boats rest peacefully on the water, retired from service for a few hours, they look particularly regal.
    6. Get on your bike and ride the Emerald Necklace or the Minute Man trail!

  4. we did loll about in the public garden! we actually ran about.. and it was lots of fun and beautiful.

    but i want to add that my favorite outing spot this last trip was bukowski's in back bay, where i drank Pennichucks bagpipers scotch ale and was in my own private malty heaven.

  5. I love l'aroma! Congrats on finishing your first semester of grad school.