Tuesday, January 29, 2008

coming out with a new position

I've spent so much time trying to explain to people why Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Barack Obama (Her intelligence. Hard work ethic. Deep, detailed knowledge of the federal government and how to get things done. Ability to execute. Foreign policy experience) that I often don't get a chance to reflect upon Obama's strengths. This article in the New Yorker is an interesting comparison between them (I'm sure the bastion of liberal intellectualism is squirming on who to support).

One thing I don't feel like is mentioned enough about Obama (too many people have talked about the polls on his likability across party lines) is the way the conservative machine could chew him up and spit him out if they felt like it. I think we all too soon forget what happened to McCain in South Carolina in 2000 (remember the spin that his adopted daughter was a mixed-race out of wedlock child?) or to the AARP when they opposed Bush's social security plans. The AARP was villified as being unpatriotic. who does that? Just because they haven't started yet doesn't mean it won't happen -- one benefit of a Clinton nomination is that pretty much all her dirty laundry was vetted in the nineties!

Ok, so that's not a strength. Man, this is hard. Ok, Obama is extremely charismatic. And inspiring. And having a figure like him standing up and conveying policy to the people would be really valuable when trying to deal with our intensely polarized political climate -- which is why I have a new position to announce:

Obama for Vice President!

Given the vitriol between the two camps it might not be possible, but who says you have to be President to be an inspiration? I think he would make an excellent VP. I simply don't trust Obama to have the ultimate role of running this country -- he hasn't demonstrated any evidence that he would do a good job. But I think he'd be quite good in the public eye, and I really think he has strengths concerning presentation and uniting differing opinions that Hillary lacks. If they could get along, they'd be a great team.


  1. oh you're going to rile feathers with that one! but actually, in this obama-hillary scenario, might it make more sense for hillary to be the vice president? why? well. look at dick cheyney. he was the real CEO, and bush was the frontman. what's a vice president to do when the president is involved on all fronts? actually, that makes me wonder what al gore did while bill clinton was president.

  2. Hi - I love your blog - thoroughly interesting & fun & insightful. Did you, by any chance, read Frank Rich's op-ed in Sunday's NYT? nytimes.com/2008/01/27/opinion/27rich.html

  3. hey, thanks anonymous. that's really nice of you. interesting article, i hadn't read that. it's amazing how bill clinton keeps swinging between being loved and being reviled (though there are some who will always love him and some who will always revile him). sigh. i'm getting primary fatigue.

  4. i've been saying this from the get go! people thought i had gone completely crazy when i've told them. i've therefore gone back to my "keep political opinions to myself while absorbing what others have to say on the subject" ways...

    as far as what omar said about switching it up... the main reason i would leave obama as vp is that i think he will eventually be an awesome candidate for president. he needs more time, experience, and hardening, but he would get there and at that time, i would vote for him without question.

  5. Hillary just picked up another fantastic endorsement

    I say vote Ron Paul! End the War. End corporatism. Repeal the patriot act. Restore civil liberties.

    Give freedom a chance!