Thursday, November 8, 2007

rotting pumpkins

you are soooo lucky i don't have more graphic pictures to add to this post.

So I love pumpkins. And halloween. I went to a pumpkin patch, I bought Halloween cards (which I forgot to mail, so if I like you, you were probably going to get a Halloween card, but now it's too late and weird). I even had a pumpkin carving party, and a few lovely carved jack o' lanterns were left to grace our door step.

Then the lovely carved pumpkins started rotting. At least, that's what Omar said. Which is sort of gross, but ok, it happens, right? I mean, it's never happened to ME before (pumpkins rotting 3 days after they're carved) but it's warmer out here and this is the first year I've put them out so fine. And I didn't really have to deal with them, Omar is the one who threw them out. Composting them, naturally.

But last night. Oh last night. There were two carved pumpkins sitting on our dining room table, one of them being my classic grinning toothy pumpkin (upper right in the picture), and they were both FULL OF MOLD. FULL OF DISGUSTING FUZZY GREEN AND GREY MOLD. and they were SQUISHY. They had sort of started leaking, and my table runner was soaked through with ROTTING PUMPKIN JUICE.

My cute toothy grinning pumpkin had a smile FULL OF FUNGUS.

I had to attack them with plastic bags and rubber gloves and I still feel sort of gross. Ew. I can't believe no one noticed we had two very unattractively rotting pumpkins on our dining room table.

This was sort of traumatic. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a pumpkin the same way again.


  1. Doesn't green mold just make Jack O Lanterns even scarier? Isn't that a good thing, sincee they're supposed to be scary?

    Although it sucks that your table runners got ruined.

  2. didn't we have rotting pumpkins before? they started to smell...

  3. i had to deal with the pumpkins in the front walkway, and let me tell you, that was not fun. your smiling pumpkin had his face collapsed in, as if the adjacent pumpkin had become sick of his grin and had shown him who was boss.

    then i had to show them to the green bin.

  4. Second-from-the-bottom-right managed to sit in my office at work for a whole two days before co-workers threw it out due to mold.