Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Battle Against Racism In Jena: Jena-Cide (article) by Eddie Thompson on AuthorsDen

The Battle Against Racism In Jena: Jena-Cide (article) by Eddie Thompson on AuthorsDen:

"The “Jena Six” have repeatedly been held up as heroes by much of the race-based community and called “innocent students” by the national media. Some of these students have reputations in Jena for intimidating and sometimes beating other students. It is alledged that they have vandalized and destroyed both school property and community property. Reportedly, some of the Jena Six have been involved in crimes not only in LaSalle Parish but also in surrounding parishes. For the most part, coaches and other adults have prevented them from being held accountable for the reign of terror they have presided over in Jena. Despite intervention by adults wanting to give them chances due their athletic potential, some of the Jena Six have juvenile records. Yet some of the parents keep insisting that their children have never been in trouble before. These boys did not receive prejudicial treatment but received preferential treatment until things got out of hand."

Interesting counterpoint. I posted about this in June with a different perspective. Just a reminder of how skewed things are that we read in the media. I learned this by being on the other side of the article (so to speak) in all the hoopla surrounding Google (most of it was ridiculous, there were a lot of quotes taken out of context and facts that just weren't quite true).

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