Friday, April 6, 2007

childhood television

This thread on yelp is reminding me of all the great tv I used to watch as a kid. This stuff intensely formed the person I am today! The shows, in no particular order:

Fraggle Rock
Eureeka's Castle
David the Gnome
Square One
Under the Umbrella Tree
Salute Your Shorts
Are you Afraid of the Dark?
Clarissa Explains it All
the Snorks
Saved By the Bell

and these are just the ones I remember. There was some show on Nickelodeon (around David the Gnome time) that was about a girl and her koala... I wish I could remember the name. And I'm fairly sure it's NOT The Little Koala. OH MY GOD GOOGLE ROCKS. It's the Noozles! Yeah. Ok.

Update: Oh my god. I found a THEME SONG. here. And this guy has a fairly accurate description of the show.

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