Thursday, February 1, 2007

where neha decided she liked math

Here it is. The remnants of Bradley and Gerry, the 70s style buildings where I took all of my math classes:

I still remember Math 24, Linear Algebra. This is the class where I decided to be a math major. I took that class in the back right corner of the building in the picture. I spent hours doing problem sets in the math lounge, which no one seemed to use except me and very old, white haired Professor Emeritus. 4th floor.

They were not the oldest buildings on Dartmouth's campus, but they were definitely the worst equipped and the most unsightly. Good thing that all you need to do math is a chalkboard and some chalk. It's sad to know that when I'm famous the tours of my youth will be incomplete (Bradley and Gerry are definitely where the magic happened). Oh well, here's to the new Kemeny Hall, and a comfortable building for the math department!

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